The tricky second one

Dear all,

Writing a second book is never easy. I see it as the difficult step to stardom and greatness. Like winning the Capital One Cup and then falling short of the FA Cup. So you can imagine what it felt like when, having successfully written my first blog, I decided to write a second blog.

It was all shock, horror and a few uneasy moments on a warm toilet seat!

Hence forth, I will ensure my blogs are all short and get straight to the point.

Today I am pleased to announce Sharc is being transferred to Audio. It is due for release in September 2014. I’ve had a listen to the start and the dude narrating is going to be a legend.



Apart from that I’ve almost finished Spartacus: War of the Damned on Blu-Ray and I recommend the entire series to anyone who likes blood, sex and more blood. It’s no GOT, it’s more 300.

I’ve also started writing Sharc 3, Wild Wild Dead 2, London Warriors 2 and I’m planning on finishing Epsilon Landing by Christmas, my own slice of alien style space mayhem. I am also working on a secret project that I’m really looking forward to finishing off and I’m still in the office, 9 to 5…… ho-hum.

Until the next time!




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