Straight from the Sharc’s mouth

To my Facebook buddies,

Now I have a blog, I hate to say it but, anyone who is linked as a friend will be hearing a lot more about me and my journey as a budding author. So, what is a blog you ask? F***** if I know but if it means I can move a step closer to leaving the office job as a distant memory then as Adidas would say “I’m all in or nothing.”

My new publishers Thorstruck Press are hard task masters to say the least. They have pushed me hard these last few weeks, agreeing to new covers, signing contracts, writing blurbs (technical speak for what the book is about!) and even forced me, at gun point, to narrate the first chapter of Sharc!

Well not gun point per se, more like forcing me to walk the plank. Well, I say plank, I mean frying my nuts with Tasers. I say Tasers, I actually mean there were no threats at all. It was quite fun apart from the fact I now hate my voice more than I used to. If you want your ears to bleed feel free to pop along to my page and have a listen.

So this is a blog. I write crap and you read it (or choose not to!). Time to go.

And you heard it all Straight from the Sharc’s mouth (see what I did there, with the blog picture an all).

Anyway, if you made it this far it means someone read my blog……..





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